Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Beautiful beach @ Margaret River

Day 1 : Smith Beach
The day was bit windy but that's ok.
I found nice accomodation, Smith Beach Resort, luxury accommodation front of the beach, wish I can stay there ....

Day 2 : I forgot the beach name????
Water was very cold. look at my boys face, COLD!
but water is so clear and beautyful:-)

Day 3 : River Mouth
This beach is pretty:-) and fun place to go.
Swimming at beach or find crabs under the rocks or kayaking in the river, many things you can do at this place. I wish we had more time.....

Monday, 8 March 2010

Beautiful place to go @ Margaret River

LAURANCE is my favorite wine cellar at Margaret River.
Love the olive trees.

wine glasses.......

Such a beautiful place, I felt I was at Provence!!

Camping @ Margaret River

We had a wonderful time at Margaret River for camping. Margaret River is about less than three hours from Perth now thanks to the Freeway extension south that trip was easy and comfortable to drive (thanks to my friend who drove all the time) and not traffic jam at all. We satyed in the Taunton Farm Holiday Park for three days. This holiday park is only ten minutes from north of Margaret River. The facility is clean and they offering friendly service. It is a really relaxing and peaceful place to stay. Luckily we had our camping site right front of playground and large open area so while we enjoy drinking and chatting at our camping site I could watch our kids too.
Late afternoon many children came to play till night time.

Gorgeous gorgeous night in the nature.

This is first time we put tent ourself, it took one hour to put one tent! and such a windy day, I was worry about our tent but thankfully it didn't blow away!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's one of the milestones

It's one of those milestones I remember in my childred's lives, like their first day walking and losing their first tooth. And yesterday was one of the day, my younger son's first tooth come out. How quikly kids grow and that I should enjoy every moment with them.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Japanese style garden and interiors design

An inspiring book "Living with Japanese garden". In the beautiful variety of authentic Japanese garden pictures in this book. Essential elements for Japanese garden are stones, water, bamboo, Japanese maple, pond, koi fish, dark wood stracture. I love to have a cup of tea and relax or take a maditation in the Japanese garden.
Also about Japanese interior "WA-Qu" the creator group (Japanese artists, designers and architects) from Kyoto, Japan. Their modern Japanese interior design are amazingly beautiful!
This is "WA-Qu" (Japanese) website, go to project and exhibition. You can find beautiful Wa(Japanese) -Qu (space).

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

"TRUCK FURNITURE" love the simplicity & modern design

Japanese furniture shop "TRUCK FURNITURE" opened in the new place, Osaka Japan.
Love the simplicity and modern style of their furniture, especially shelves are really nice. And I'm totally in love with the space they create. Also they opened a cafe called "Bird coffee" . I wish, I can fly to there and have a nice coffee.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Japanese "Irezumi" art

Japanese koi fish are popular symbol of "irezumi" (tattoo).
I was looking at these Japanese sites here and here , there are really excellent Japanese tatto artist works. But when people put big big tattoos, how much pain they have to gone through???.
I found about "irezumi dish" from happy mundane (awesome blog, I found many interesting things in his blog!) , I think "irezumi dishes" are cool enough for me.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Japanese noodle bowl turn to??

Sadly, my favorite Japanese noodle bowl was broken.
The bowl was perfect size for udon noodle but before I use it this happen!!!

Now the bowl is settle down like this. ↓↓↓
Put little things in the bowl , actually looks pretty.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Osechi ryori and new year

Happy New Year!! Akemashite Omedetou!!

The new year shogatsu is an important time for Japanese people and we eat various kinds of special dishes during the new year with family, relatives and friends. One of traditional new year's food called Osechi ryori (above ) and usually that is served in few tiered lacquer boxes called jubako. This new year, one of my friend made osechi ryori, sushi and more.... I was so impressed!
She made all of these Japanese traditional foods herself .

Looks just like a flower.

I definitely put on weight during the new years holiday, because I ate so many foods all day and all night!

**I hope everyone have a wonderful 2010:)**

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Japanese taiko : TAO drum group

Do you know a taiko drum group called TAO?
(Taiko is a Japanese traditional drum.)
Their are fantastic performers and they has given traditional taiko music a completely new style, Cool and awesome.

They are coming to Australia June-July2010.
I hope many people discover the sound of Tao.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Wagashi of seven lucky gods

Tea time - Green tea with wagashi...
Wagashi are traditional Japanese confectioneries which we can enjoy appearance, texture, scent and taste. Also wagashi is healthy sweet because main ingredients are red/white azuki beans, grains, potatoes, Kanten (gelatin made from seaweed) and sugar which are all natural ingredients- rich in vegetable protein, fiber and low in animal fat.
Serve with green tea will be parfect!!

This unique wagashi from Japan, I think the smily man is one of seven lucky god.
Seven Lucky Gods which are commonly know in Japan as Shichi Fukujin.
Shichi means seven, fukujin means god of good fortune and each of the seven gods has own auspiciousness such as Hotei- the fat and happy god of abundance and good health.
Happy healthy tea time!!